Pet Portraits

I got seriously into this when lockdown started. I made the hare cushion for charity from scraps. I really enjoyed doing it. It absolutely felt like playing with the sewing machine,

In the first few weeks of lockdown, I felt the urge to make things for gifts. One of the items was the bee cushion, a present for a birthday I had missed.

After really getting into drawing with thread, I did Otis for my friend and soon I was hooked on making pet portraits from thread and fabric.

Stan was a lot of fun as he has so much personality in his face. Note I haven’t even tried my plain black labrador – yet.

Just to prove I can do more than Heinz 57 dogs, here is the very handsome Ralph.

The pictures are made as if I was using paint. I slowly build up the colours and tones. I use a range of stitches and mix thread colours. The images take me a long time, as they are detailed plus I have a terrible habit of over working them. Of course, stopping to re-thread the machine with different colours every five minutes also adds to the time!

My facebook page has more details if you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait for yourself or a gift.