Here hare here – raffle prize cushion

Bonus points if you can comment and tell me where "here Hare, here" comes from! I love this cushion and I loved making it even more as it combined drawing and art with sewing - win win. For the Make do and Mend evening, I was asked to donate a raffle prize, so this is … Continue reading Here hare here – raffle prize cushion

Make do and Mend charity evening

In what accidentally seems to be shaping up as a year of charity, I was very eager to help when an email popped up from Charlotte inviting me to help at her fundraising evening. Charlotte was raising money for Marie Curie in honour of her mother. She decided to host an evening at my local … Continue reading Make do and Mend charity evening

The Sewing Weekender 2019

The much-coveted weekend for sewing obsessives opened its doors to me, the weekend before my return to work. It was incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking as well as emotionally tricky. When I set my alarm to make sure I could get one of the tickets (that sold out in 2 minutes) it was a long wait … Continue reading The Sewing Weekender 2019

A little trip out with our paintbrushes.

As the summer holidays roll on, you find yourself clutching at straws at how to fill the day, preferably for free. Hazel had been nagging for a picnic. Simple pleasures. So I dusted off our National Trust membership card and went to Greys Court near Henley. I packed our picnic, then had a bit of … Continue reading A little trip out with our paintbrushes.

My Sewing Space (old!)

When we were trawling around houses for sale, "you and your bloody sewing room" may have been uttered by my husband a few times. Mainly, because after checking that there were walls, ceilings and floors in each prospective property, my next thought was, "and where can I set up my sewing room?". My new home … Continue reading My Sewing Space (old!)

Not sewing for 4 months? What have I been doing? Reaching goals!

On the 18th June 2017, it was Fathers' Day. So we went to Wallingford, Oxfordshire as we often did to mooch about and enjoy the day. We'd talked so many times about moving house, somewhere more rural, somewhere that reflected what we both wanted to do, somewhere a bit more "us". Feeling increasingly like we … Continue reading Not sewing for 4 months? What have I been doing? Reaching goals!

Sewing for self care

I wrote this guest post for Laura of Sew for Victory. How sewing helps my wellness and some tips for creativity... While it’s quickest to describe myself as a long term sufferer of anxiety, in reality, what I suffer from is a multi-plate spinning brain. When each plate is being spun, I feel pretty normal. … Continue reading Sewing for self care