Heather by Sew Over It in Prison Stripes

I was in a real sewing slump after my disaster with the shift dress. This little beauty saved me! When I saw the Heather pattern from Sew Over It, I knew I would love it. My signature style at the moment is long comfy tunics over a pair of leggings and I find sewing with … Continue reading Heather by Sew Over It in Prison Stripes

Sh*t Shift Dress

I’ve had a miserable time behind the sewing machine for the last few weeks. I was asked to make something for a friend. The fabric was expensive because I had it printed with a specific pattern, I have never made anything for anyone else before (other than H), I’d never used the pattern before or … Continue reading Sh*t Shift Dress

Simplicity Sewing Challenge – 1206 Toddler Dress

Here is my second entry to this years Simplicity Sewing Challenge - Childrenswear. Hazel NEVER lets me take photos of her with my phone. Anyone else, she will literally say "cheese" and pose, but me? No, I get full on tantrums. I had to do some paparazzi shots using my proper camera as well as … Continue reading Simplicity Sewing Challenge – 1206 Toddler Dress

Chilly Seagulls 2 – The Finished Skirt

  The finished skirt- Hmmm... Well lets just say I learned lots of things from doing this. So here it is. It's ok. I'll probably wear it to work in the winter with some long black boots, but I think generally it's not my style so it was never going to make me "squeee". However, … Continue reading Chilly Seagulls 2 – The Finished Skirt

Horses and a lining!

Before my obsession with sewing consumed me, I was passionate about horses. Unfortunately, I had to give up riding this year due to back problems, but I hope I’ll return to it one day. Instead, like all horsey mums, I aim one day to live vicariously through Hazel and I have been “grooming” her to … Continue reading Horses and a lining!

The “Tash” Dress

My first Oliver +S dress... I'd been hoarding this fabric for a while - it's jersey from GirlCharleeUk. Originally, I had planned to make it into a t-shirt for myself.  But when I bought the Oliver+S pattern I was so eager to make it, this was the only jersey I had ready to go.  I thought maybe … Continue reading The “Tash” Dress