Totally chillin in our #stella hoodies and #internationalwomensday

I was delighted to get my hands on Tilly Walnes' new book, Stretch. It didn't disappoint. I have sewn a fair bit of jersey before and as a person with poor fitting skills, I prefer stretch fabrics. I don't get on well with my overlocker so I liked that part of the book. Much like … Continue reading Totally chillin in our #stella hoodies and #internationalwomensday

Upcycled Charity Shop Raid to Victorian Teacher Outfit

Can you believe my colleague said that this look genuinely suited me? I don’t know exactly what she meant, but this is not going to be my look of choice, don’t worry. One of the many joys of being a teacher, is having to dress up on frequent occasions. It used to be so embarrassing … Continue reading Upcycled Charity Shop Raid to Victorian Teacher Outfit

Back to sewing dresses for my little girl #buildingblockdress

It's been a while since I've made anything for Hazel, I enjoyed every minute of this make! It all started with H rifling through her wardrobe and demanding to wear a dress - for size 12-18 months. I looked at the dress and realised that I thought I may be able to make one fairly … Continue reading Back to sewing dresses for my little girl #buildingblockdress

#redjanuary update plus a #grainlinelinden success 

I'll start with the Linden. I've coveted this for a long time, but worried about the fit and final look after my #toaster disappointment, I decided I'd go cheap first. Thankfully, Fabricland did not disappoint and I picked up this cute 'winter jersey'. I can't remember the price but it would have been under £4 … Continue reading #redjanuary update plus a #grainlinelinden success 

RED January #redjanuary2018

Hi all, this isn't a sewing related blog entry. I signed up to do #redjanuary to raise money for Mind.  All you need to do is get outside everyday and do a walk or a run. The idea being that while raising money for mental health, you'll improve your own mental wellbeing while you're at … Continue reading RED January #redjanuary2018

#Stitchingsanta was good to me this year.

I've not taken part in #stitchingsanta before, organised by Sheila of #sewchet, but I really enjoyed it! It certainly brought a little buzz back into Christmas, especially since I left it until the 27th to open as we were visiting rellies this year. Who knew that my secret crafter would have the same size feet … Continue reading #Stitchingsanta was good to me this year.

Christmas, #stitchingsanta and a Linden fail

I can't avoid Christmas this year, what with a toddler in tow and all. She is very excited about a visit from Far Crit-Mas and insists she is a good girl. Who can resist that cuddly reindeer onsie? We've done some lovely Christmas watercolours... ...which tasted delicious. Onto my #stitchingsanta progress. Well, I can't reveal … Continue reading Christmas, #stitchingsanta and a Linden fail

A creative 9 minutes and PVA carnage

Hazel and I had a great morning running around the park with Barney, our borrowed cockerpoo. So I thought this afternoon, we could have a little chill time at the table- making stuff.  Hazel has started to recognise letters now. She started spotting capital H's a few weeks ago - "it's my name!" She proclaimed … Continue reading A creative 9 minutes and PVA carnage