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A creative 9 minutes and PVA carnage

Hazel and I had a great morning running around the park with Barney, our borrowed cockerpoo. So I thought this afternoon, we could have a little chill time at the table- making stuff.  Hazel has started to recognise letters now. She started spotting capital H’s a few weeks ago – “it’s my name!” She proclaimed […]


Long time, no write

Perhaps this photos sums up my activities since my last post. Life has been a bit like wading through treacle for a long time. But hopefully, things are on the up now and even if sun-robbing winter is on its way.  Sewing was a huge mega passion for so long it was really hard when […]


Nothing to Report

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was May since my last blog. After two years of obsessively sewing, I stopped. I had read of this happening to other people, but now it’s my turn. The spark has completely gone out. I made Hazel a birthday dress on auto-pilot. I have had a good […]