Art and Creativity

When I was younger, I used to love drawing and painting. I did it at school for GCSE and A level; Then promptly lost all interest in it. However, it has always been something that I thought I should return to.

I can’t help but be inspired by the place I live. The countryside is stunning. I have an overwhelming urge to return to painting. I have inherited much of my mums old equipment, so there is nothing really to get in the way, other than the plethora of ideas that keep coming to me. It’s like 100 people trying to wedge through a door at once, in the end, nothing happens.

Not technically art, but continuing with my mums tradition, I add faces to Hazel’s boiled eggs. This is Slappy from Goosebumps.

A paper cut out from a photo I took, it is Hazel working on a drawing.