My Sewing Space (old!)


When we were trawling around houses for sale, “you and your bloody sewing room” may have been uttered by my husband a few times. Mainly, because after checking that there were walls, ceilings and floors in each prospective property, my next thought was, “and where can I set up my sewing room?“.

My new home had walls, ceilings, floors AND out the back, past the kitchen … a whole room full of potential! At the time of visiting I think it was used as a home office/guest room. It has a lovely feeling about it and has huge patio doors onto the garden. On the details it was described as the Family Room – which is what we call it, but that’s just code for MY ROOM, MINE!

Anyone sewing with a family around knows the pain of having to set up and clear up every time you have a moment to do some sewing. They just keep using the dining table! For three meals a day! Clearing up, it’s not the end of the world, but it cuts at least 15 minutes off sewing time and can unfortunately put you off sewing altogether until the weekend, oh the horror. So as large or small as it is, I think most hobby sewists like to have a dedicated space mainly so they can just get on with it whenever they have time.

So the family room my room is in no way finished, but I’ve got it going enough that I can finally get back to my machine.

This is my view from the sewing table.

To keep up with the pretence of this being a “family room” I have set up a creative station for Hazel. She has her own desk and chair and access to whatever she likes to do such as playdoh or “colour-ling”. It means we can both be in there together creating. Theres a huge sofa bed for any visitors that decide to come and it’s also where I can do some exercise. That’s where it being a concrete floored extension comes in really handy. If you look closely, you can see the labrador puppy in one photo and the damage she’s inflicted on my dumbbells.


Opposite Hazel’s desk is mine – it’s the classic adjustable height one from IKEA that a lot of us have.

The legs are storing my overlocker on one side and my box of zips and stuff on the other.


And while we’re talking about IKEA. Here is the classic KALLAX storage system, already filled to the brim! The TV is there for when guests stay and for watching Netflix while the football is on in the front room.

I thought I had a lot of fabric, but what I really have is lots of patterns! When I’ve traced them out I put them in A4 envelopes.


Even though this room might be a tribute to IKEA, I am resisting the urge to follow others down the peg board rabbit hole. Instead I have put a few clear command strip hooks on the side of the unit. I can add a few more in future perhaps for scissors and current project.

The storage boxes store my fabric. Folded into a parcel then stacked vertically. It means I can see every one that I have and can take it out without destroying the pile. Unfortunately, this system only works if you keep the box full. So I’m going to have to keep my fabric stocks topped up, just for storage reasons… It’s also organised into woven/non-woven.


I haven’t only got this machine because it’s pink. But that makes it all the more gorgeous obviously. This is my Pfaff Ambition 1.0 I love her. She makes such a difference to my sewing and I have only used the basic things, there are so many more possibilities. It can sew the alphabet. The first thing I made when I got it was a pair of pyjama bottoms with “boobs” written on the front.

I have many more plans for the room, which I will get round to in more miserable weather. I need to paint the walls. I’d like a feature wallpaper wall in there and a huge mirror. I’d also like to put some artwork up on the walls. Generally, I’d like it to be a really inspiring place where you can be creative or just relax.

I’ll keep you posted!

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