Totally chillin in our #stella hoodies and #internationalwomensday

I was delighted to get my hands on Tilly Walnes’ new book, Stretch. It didn’t disappoint. I have sewn a fair bit of jersey before and as a person with poor fitting skills, I prefer stretch fabrics. I don’t get on well with my overlocker so I liked that part of the book. Much like her first book, Love at First Stitch, the instructions are clear and I particularly like the ideas for adaptations and ways to build on the first pattern. It’s an inspiring book and I’d love to make loads of things from it.

My first project was the Stella hoodie. I live in hoodies and mine all have holes in, so a new one was necessary. I had some sweatshirt fabric in the stash from Minerva crafts in two shades of grey (not as sexy). I didn’t make any alterations to the size, but decided to add a cuff to the bottom rather than do a hem. I also omitted the cord mainly because I didn’t have anything and I just wanted to get on with it.

My first Stella hoodie

I had already decided to make another, but I didn’t have the right fabric in my collection and I’m trying not to buy any more (I had a delivery only yesterday, I’m so weak). So husband had the bright idea of making a mini one for Hazel.

I used a combination of one of her existing hoodies and the Stella pattern to make a set of pattern pieces in her size. I had this foxy jersey left from one of my first ever makes from #girlcharleeuk. Not enough for it all, but I also had this t-shirt weight jersey in blue in the cupboard. Its not a great match but it’ll do.

Serious sewing high when I was able to pattern match the kangaroo pocket.

Unlike all my other Hazel makes, she actually wanted to wear this one! She was already in her pyjamas which explains the stripy bottoms and crazy hair. It doesn’t. She always has crazy hair.

She is SUCH a poser.

Ready to wear to the park.

The bottom cuff was meant to be foxes but I cut it out upside down.

Moody hoodie-wearing teenager

So the plans are fizzing in my head for a lot more. I’m thinking a faux fur panel in the middle of the hood, ears on the side… unicorn horn? No. No?

I’m also going to get back to Stretch and make me some more comfy clothes.

Just had to share my face on #internationalwomensday I went as Rosie the Riveter, not exactly a person, more like 2. But her image was rediscovered in the 80s to inspire women to go to work. I’ve faced much gender related bigotry in my life but was gobsmacked to have to deal with a formal complaint that my school was acknowledging the day. Thankfully, the day was wonderful. Each teacher dressed as a different woman who influenced the world and the children took turns to visit us all from year 1-6. It really was lovely. Plus boiler suits make pretty comfy workwear.

3 thoughts on “Totally chillin in our #stella hoodies and #internationalwomensday

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  2. She’s something else – I don’t know where she gets her poses from! Yeah it was pretty blood boiling when he emailed, but you’re right, that’s why we keep having to stop and check on equality. X


  3. Oh wow to your creations. I’m loving that fox material, and how you pattern matched the pocket. And I’m loving Hazel’s many poses, especially the video. She is tooooo cool!
    But I cannot believe you got a complaint about marking International women’s day. That just goes to show why we need to mark days like that.


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