Christmas, #stitchingsanta and a Linden fail

I can’t avoid Christmas this year, what with a toddler in tow and all. She is very excited about a visit from Far Crit-Mas and insists she is a good girl. Who can resist that cuddly reindeer onsie?

We’ve done some lovely Christmas watercolours…

…which tasted delicious.

Onto my #stitchingsanta progress. Well, I can’t reveal too much but it’s a lovely idea to get involved with. Its been a great way to get introduced to new sewing blogs, but it’s also a great excuse to do some legitimate stalking. 

This is all I can reveal of one of the gifts I have made. It’s based on a culmination of ideas from photos on her blog. I’m not much cop at proper crafts, but I’m attempting a sewn Christmas decoration too. I had bought a little filler pressie but the poltergeist has taken it. Seriously, it was safe in a bag that no one has touched. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some nice fabric I can share too. Must keep this at the top of my to do list before it’s suddenly Christmas eve and I’ve missed the post. 

Lastly, onto the failed #grainlinelinden. I have stalked this pattern for a while and finally got round to trying it last week. The fabric was cute, but also cheap from Fabricland. I was totally speed sewing this to see if it’d fit right etc. Then I messed up the neckband. I unpicked it, but that left little holes. The seam allowance is small on this pattern so I ended up ruining the neck line. However, I did like it as I was making it so I’ll definitely make it again soon – just with a lot more care and attention! I need to as it’s bleedin freezing and I’m low on jumpers since my latest wardrobe cull. 

Happiness is … A borrowed dog. We had a blast this week with Barney the cockerpoo -this time we took him round the lakes and it was pure bliss. Followed by cuddles and a Christmas movie eating homemade “JimjamMan” cookies. :’)

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