A creative 9 minutes and PVA carnage

Hazel and I had a great morning running around the park with Barney, our borrowed cockerpoo. So I thought this afternoon, we could have a little chill time at the table- making stuff. 

Hazel has started to recognise letters now. She started spotting capital H’s a few weeks ago – “it’s my name!” She proclaimed proudly, pointing to a bag of Hovis. So this, coupled with a length of wadding I had left over from the advent calendar, made me think i’ll make her one of those stuffed letters that interior design types like in their houses…

So I set her off with a selection of creative goodies that she could get stuck in with, even googlie eyes. 

I cut out 2 H shapes from leftover cotton, and she concentrates on making a tissue paper monster.

About seven minutes in, I start to realise this is my second craft project *shudder and I promptly get bored and start to play with the 10000 quilt stitches that are on Pfaff the Wondermachine. 

I like sewing through it when it’s all squishy. By this point I know that the sewing line is completely skewiff and any future for this project will be short.

Nine minutes in…

…and the PVA has also proved more interesting than the tissue paper monster, I guess Hazel enjoys it when it goes all squishy too?

I give Hazel the H. She says, “no, I don’t like it” and takes her scissors to it. 

Well, what do I expect, she sees me cutting up fabric all the time. 

Hey, well bright side- nine minutes of sewing is better than nothing isn’t it? Aaaand this PVA spreader makes the best turner-outerer if you use the other end.

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