Nothing to Report

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was May since my last blog.

After two years of obsessively sewing, I stopped.

I had read of this happening to other people, but now it’s my turn. The spark has completely gone out.

I made Hazel a birthday dress on auto-pilot. I have had a good go at a couple of other things, and just put them straight in the bin. I suppose my interest was waning, then add to that getting crap results with look and fit it all ended up with me giving it up.

I say given up, I still go through the motions of checking Instagram sewing feeds every day, I’ve cut out a shirt dress to make. I even bought some fabric. But given time to sew (and I’ve had plenty as I’m on my summer break) I don’t want to.

Oh how I hope this is temporary.

2 thoughts on “Nothing to Report

  1. I had a hiatus last year when I was pregnant. I gave up doing anything more than hairbands for months. In the end I challenged myself to run a stall at my village fun day and it gave me a purpose.


    • Glad you got through it. I’m going to see how it goes today with a shirt dress. I’ve been wondering about starting a quilt for the first time, but have never considered that route before.


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