Jeans…seriously, jeans! Safran part 1

Why not start with an arse shot?

It had never crossed my mind to even consider making jeans. I’ve never made  trousers before, not even a decent pair of pyjama bottoms. This it how it happened!

Love receiving these packages!

My dream wardrobe parcel arrived with some gorgeous fabric and my first adventure into Deer and Doe patterns. It was the Safran trouser pattern. There was no way I would be able to cut into that gorgeous fabric without a practise, so I turned to my stash and found some grey stretch denim.  I went in full steam ahead knowing that it was or just a practice and I could happily put it all in the bin.

This is one of those projects where I actually enjoyed every step of the way. I loved the opportunity to use some of those decorative stitches on my machine so I thought I’d whizz some of this Curly Wurly pattern across the pockets. I’ve also got a thing for top stitching and there’s plenty of that in this pattern.

I have no idea what a welt is, but somehow I managed to create one. I think this is one of my proudest achievements in this project. When I make this again I think I’ll do that little rectangle in contrasting fabric.

Fitting was a bit of an ordeal. I had to let out the seams at the top end and bring them in loads from the knees down. However, I had no idea what all the fitting tips meant for when you do or don’t get whiskers. After getting the legs to actually cover my thighs I lost interest in whether I should do something with the rise/crotch. Sorry, too difficult for my little brain.

A zip! Me!

I was really breaking it when it came to doing the zip. I hate zips and I’ve certainly never inserted a fly zip before. Luckily I was wearing a pair of shop bought jeans while I was doing this part so I did a lot of inspecting of my crotch to see what I had to do!!

It kind of went downhill from there. Due to the hips needing to be let out, it didn’t cross my mind that the waistband would now be out. So that has little pinches all over. Then the inner waistband looked unbelievably shite when I put that on so I thought I’d do a bit of a cover up job with some bias binding.

Granted the bias binding looks pretty awful as well which just goes to show how does disastrous it is underneath. I was quickly falling out of love with these jeans.

Nevertheless I ploughed on, remembering that these jeans were all just a practise. I completed the jeans with lessons learned. As the shitty waistband is on the inside, in fact these jeans are wearable. However they’re wearable if you can stop eating takeaways. I can’t. So I can only wear these in the morning when my tummy is deflated, therefore I have put them in the cupboard for a couple of months time when hopefully I’ll have finally got my healthyand eating act together.

Here are some pics of the finished jeans. Yes i’ll definitely be making more of the Safran. I’ve got to use that gorgeous fabric for starters. But I’ve also fallen for Deer and Doe patterns. Lookout for my take on their blouse to follow soon!

Oh and the sheep print top is an Agnes from Tilly and the Buttons made with sheep jersey from FabricsGalore. I might have bought it for Hazel, but you know I love a cheeky animal cartoon print.

6 thoughts on “Jeans…seriously, jeans! Safran part 1

  1. They look amazing, great stitching details and welt pocket. I am yet to attempt jean making but it’s on my list of things to do especially as I wear them so much. I love Deer and Doe too 🙂


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