Dream Wardrobe Adventure; Maritime Knit Top

20170220_154142-1-1.jpgIt’s mid February and my health kick hasn’t gone to plan. Since eating more healthily and moving more, I’ve put on 8lbs. Sadly, no, that’s not muscle. But I haven’t given up. I won’t go on about my plans here, but my Instagram feed is a bizarre mix of fabrics, dresses and women posing with their bums sticking out. I hope this won’t influence the photos of my makes.

So in the search of something less fattening to treat myself with and use as a goal, I turned to the Fabric Godmother.

I have never had a sense of style or ability to put things together very well. So the idea of letting Josie carve a path towards a dream wardrobe for me really appealed. I enjoyed completing the style questionnaire, but it was a struggle to answer some of the questions. Thankfully, I was able to put a link to my Pinterest page of clothes ideas. Basically, I want to look like a Parisian casual glamour-puss.

When I received my first package it felt like Christmas. I was delighted. The pattern was perfect for me, the fabric was delicious and I had all the extras I needed in the bag too. Josie definitely got it right for me this time.

The pattern I received was the Maritime Knit top by 20170220_154019Liesl & Co. I’m already a massive fan of Liesl Gibson’s children’s patterns, so I was pleased to try a grown up top.

I made a straight size 12 (probably a 16 in UK). I followed the clear instructions to do my first FBA as my only adjustment, so this one has room for boobies.

The little side vents are cute and make the top more interesting than a plain T-shirt. I think I could play around with putting a binding on the inside for a flash of colour when I make this again.

I lined up the stripes!

Maybe it’s all my hair that’s causing me to put on weight?

The Maritime has a lovely relaxed fit, perfect for jeans – but it could be smartened up with black trousers. I’d like to make more… red stripes to complete the nautical theme. It’s a really straight forward make if you’re used to jersey and this jersey was so scrumptious to handle.


Why two labels?

First answer … I made it on valentines day hence the hearts. I wanted to put a flash of red in there even though you can’t see it when it’s on. You definitely need some indicator of which side is the back once it is made too.

Second answer … The smaller label is often where you might see a size number, and of course (pass the bucket) we should love ourselves whichever size we are.

Third answer… I sewed “Hazelnut” slightly too far to the left and I’m an order loving Virgo who needs things lined up. So the second, smaller label makes it balance.


Choose any of the above answers.

Do feel free to comment, I cannot wait until my next parcel!



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