January #SewMyStyle #toaster1 #sewhouse7

Taken with the typical toddler bedroom backdrop

I’m afraid this one won’t last long before it heads to charity. 

I loved making it. It was easy to sew, I loved doing swirly top stitching and it was quick. Sad fact is, it just looks crap on! It is toasty though. I will definitely make again, but with a thinner jersey I think. 

I’m in the process of picking off my shellac nails…

‘Crazy art’ top stitching – stretches well so no need to get out the twin needles.

Well we had a bit of fun taking the pics!

I’m not sure about the February pattern so I might skip it. I’m planning to make 100 pairs of leggings in March though!

5 thoughts on “January #SewMyStyle #toaster1 #sewhouse7

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  2. I love your honesty in what you think about your sewing although i think it actually looks great! I really like the fabric you picked, does it not have good movement when your wearing it? Look forward to seeing what you make next.

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