Dog tired. Sewing lull. Normal life TBC. 

The two-month virus finally subsided about a week ago. So I’m feeling like I can get back on track, but I’m still desperately tired. I’ve been nursed on a few days by this angel dog that I borrow. Sometimes a girl just needs a dog to cuddle.

I love grumpy Hazel in the background!

I’ve managed to sew another SOI Heather. Not as good as the first, but it’s wearable. I’ve made my Toaster for the #SewMyStyle project – more pics to follow – don’t get your hopes up, I think it makes me look like Ian Beale during his tramp era. 

As the Gruffalo obsession continues, I made a little sketch of the mouse and sewed its outline ready to applique onto a dress for H. I’m thinking a navy a-line dress with the mouse on one pocket and his hazelnut on the other. The fabric is white cotton lawn dipped in coffee!

The sewing club has two more recruits this term. Magic moments include the three girls that got sewing boxes for Christmas and take delight in bringing them to each session. Another member proudly told me he got a sewing machine for Christmas – “with a needle threader!” I’m loving seeing them get stuck into real clothes-making this term. They’re making pyjama bottoms. 

Not sewing related, but my goal this year is to get fit and healthy. I have been floundering for the last 3 weeks in diet and fitness confusion while getting fatter and feeling more guilt. I read this book cover to cover last night and I think it’s going to be a real game changer. Give me a couple of months and I’ll be posting pics of my guns. Or maybe I’ll just stay healthy enough to get more sewing done!

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