Deer Building Block Dress 1

This book is an absolute joy to me; The Building Block Dress by Liesel Gibson.  I found the time to make my first “building block dress” for H and here it is.

She’s long and skinny so she has the chest measurements of a 12 month old and the height of a 2 year old. So making her dresses to fit her frame is really useful! But the best part of this book is that you can make virtually any changes and adaptations to the design and every step is explained really well. Plus the skills are transferrable to any size.

I chose to make the basic building block dress, just with added in-seam pockets as H is entering a phase of collecting little objects. I had to sheepishly return a dummy back to nursery that she had proudly pilfered from an nearby toddler the other day. Otherwise, I just made changes to the size and left it with plain sleeves.





I followed the instructions for fitting a bodice lining. It’s something that makes the dress feel a little more luxurious, and it can hide a multitude of sins. I think I will do a lining in all her dresses from now on. There are instructions for a full lining and for how to do different sleeve options with a lining – going to try them all!






Peek-a-boo! I love this happy accident – this little deer poking his head between the collar.


I made my usual long list of mistakes, but I’m going to see if I can get her to wear it tomorrow – hopefully she won’t come home with any contraband in her pockets.

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