Heather by Sew Over It in Prison Stripes


I was in a real sewing slump after my disaster with the shift dress. This little beauty saved me! When I saw the Heather pattern from Sew Over It, I knew I would love it. My signature style at the moment is long comfy tunics over a pair of leggings and I find sewing with jersey can work better for me.

It is only available as a PDF, which was a bit of a worry for me as I’ve only done that once before. But after getting the printer to cooperate I found that each page was so clearly marked that it was very easy to put together. The only thing that didn’t work was the pattern piece for the neckband – for some reason the lines didn’t print.

I found this project a pure joy to put together. I had the fabric ready in my stash and I used the remnants of about 4 different cotton reels of black and dark grey.

I knew I wanted a no hassle sew. So I didn’t even attempt to match the stripes. I don’t think it matters too much, though if I did it again, I’d probably try. Or, not.


 When you buy a horse that is too powerful for you, you say you are over-horsed. I am over-sewing-machined. I love it, but it can do far more and has so many more stiches than my skill level can use. However, it does have the jersey stich, or the lightening bolt stich, which I have happily used before. But as an avid reader of sewing blogs I read a suggestion to try zig zag stitch over the jersey stich because it is easier to unpick and sometimes can offer a bit more stretch. So I did. I think I’ll stick to zig zag from now on.

I am glad I had completed the sewing jersey online workshop from Tilly and the Buttons before I took this project on. As I could transfer a lot of the skills to make this project more successful. While there is nothing particularly difficult about the Heather, the instructions are a bit sparse for a beginner and I liked knowing how to secure the shoulder seams etc. The photos are clear, but I found that it took a bit of puzzling to get the pieces the right way up – not that hard either, but took me a few minutes!!

I made a 3/4 length sleeve, straight size 14 as I just wanted to get on with sewing. It fits fine, just a bit baggy around my hollow back! No worse than anything off the peg would fit. It would be easy to fit another one closer to my shape, but that will depend on my effort levels. The arms are a tiny bit snug.

It’s lucky I used the easier to unpick stich as I accidently gave my pockets ears. I just didn’t read the instructions carefully. Thankfully, some unpicking later – all was fixable, and it didn’t spoil my fun.

I used more of my Tilly skills on the neckband. I am really pleased with it.

I was on such a tight thread budget, using up my odd reels, I decided against twin needle stitching along the hems and went for this random swirly pattern. It stretches with the fabric well and I didn’t have to bother threading another needle- I think I’ll use it again.


By the time I had used up all the grey/black thread I had, it was time for the label. I decided to use pink for the lettering and I added a random logo on one of the arms. It’s meant to be a pear, bit of a skinny one!


I adore it when Hazel “helps” with my sewing. I hope in the future, we’ll be sewing together in our sewing room, putting the world to rights. Chances are she’ll be out after slamming the door on me for expecting her to wear homemade clothes, “gaaad!”

I wore the finished dress out to a fireworks do and was comfy and cosy. The fabric was from Fabric Land so I think the whole outfit cost under a tenner! I am already half way through my second Heather, with slightly more expensive jersey and I’m enjoying it just as much!







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