Simplicity Sewing Challenge – 1206 Toddler Dress

Here is my second entry to this years Simplicity Sewing Challenge – Childrenswear.

Hazel NEVER lets me take photos of her with my phone. Anyone else, she will literally say “cheese” and pose, but me? No, I get full on tantrums. I had to do some paparazzi shots using my proper camera as well as keep her occupied with her favourite play thing of the moment – water!

I am pleased with this dress for many reasons.

Firstly, I never thought in a million years that I would be capable of making it. I’ve not been sewing all that long, but it was making little dresses for Hazel that got me started, so I had to attempt this competition category.

Secondly, she looks so beaauuuutiful in it – and that’s not mummy bias, it’s fact.

And lastly, I was using 2 completely new fabrics and a new type of zip and I love building up my skills as I go.

Hazel always looks good in turquoise and blues.

This led me to choose a bright aqua blue for the main dress and yoke. I was thinking that a hot pink under black broderie anglaise would look great too, I love black and pink – but then I thought it might look like a victorian funeral outfit so I decided to stick with something more suitable for weddings. A white broderie anglaise made sense for the overlay. The picture on the right is purely for Nanna’s benefit – she loves a chunky toddler arm.


I really enjoyed sewing with broderie anglaise!

It was all very new to me, but it was really easy to control. I loved being able to use the sides as the ruffle for the bottom. I flexed my french seam skills so that the seams would look good through the little holes. My only complaint? Pretty hard to mark notches if they land on a hole, but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

I also attended a friends gathering where I noticed that 4 people were wearing broderie somehow on their outfits- must be in fashion. I got a little kick from knowing I was making something ‘on trend’.


I wish everything could be made with lace zips.

It was so easy, I still hate zips, but these ones are fab. I really like how it links the yoke colour to the blue that is peeping through the holes.






The perfect dress for entertaining at home…

For serving afternoon tea … and imaginary cake…

For pottering in the garden…


I had to make a few changes to the sizing as Hazel is long and skinny. So I traced the patterns onto baking paper and graded them from 1 at the top to 2 for the length. It’s still a bit big on top, but I always make her things slightly bigger so by the time I finish them she can wear them a few times before she grows.


I will definitely make this dress for her again and I will try the version without the overlay too. Perhaps I will try my hand at the Victorian Funeral dress, it would certainly raise a few eyebrows at Active Tots.


Fabrics and Notions:

Broderie Anglaise from Fabrics For Sale

Batisite and lace zip from myfabrics

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