The “Tash” Dress

My first Oliver +S dress…

I’d been hoarding this fabric for a while – it’s jersey from GirlCharleeUk. Originally, I had planned to make it into a t-shirt for myself.  But when I bought the Oliver+S pattern I was so eager to make it, this was the only jersey I had ready to go.  I thought maybe moustaches on a little girls dress was a bit weird though now I think it’s pretty cute.

This time I didn’t cut out the pattern – I traced her size on to greaseproof paper. Obvious to some! But previous to this (confession time), I was cutting out patterns for 9 months, then rebuying the pattern for 12 months! Durr! It just never crossed my mind to trace it all out. Now this little pattern will last until she is 3. How long can I claim baby brain?

tash back (2)Whooo  sparkley thread! By complete accident I had bought the perfect thread to do the faux Peter Pan collar. It went perfectly with the black glittery buttons I had bought for the back- it’s as if I’d planned it!

I found the pattern fairly straight forward. It used loads more fabric than I thought, which meant I didn’t have any ‘tash fabric left to make a pair of leggings. I think moustache leggings would be so sweet.

Though the pattern was straight forward, my mistakes were plentiful. If you inspect carefully, the dress has got a few holes which makes it look like it’s been eaten by moths. I took the seam ripper to this a fair few times, leaving little holes behind :(. It’s ok though – I’m still pleased with it.

And what does the model think?

sad face






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