While the baby sleeps…

There is nothing more coveted than the 1.30 hours my daughter naps on the days I look after her. As I clear away the lunch things and start the snuggling routine, my mind wanders… to bobbin winding.

SMYTHSURFACE - 20160426_141204-1_resizedIt’s been difficult to keep the intended blog of each project I do and what I learn along the way. Mainly because I can’t have a mobile, laptop or tablet in sight of the little H or I am soon forced to hear 456 versions of monkeys falling off a bed on YouTube, my favourite version so far; “5 little zombies jumping in a grave”. So at some point I will upload the photos and try and recall what each project taught me.

I also want to write about my beloved new sewing machine. It really adds a professional touch for a talentless seamstress.

She is still yet to wear anything I have made her…

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