Well, this was the easiest dress pattern I could find. I don’t have photos of the first one that I made. I still have the dress, but only so one day I can look back on it and say, “see, you did learn something!”

I’d have to disagree with the pattern making people that this is really easy for complete beginners. I did ignore anything fancy such as sleeves, zips, pockets… and if you look closely… I didn’t even do buttons and button holes. I bought a gadget to put on poppers and I did that instead.

It wasn’t easy to make and apply my own bias binding, or make the hems look pretty. But I owe a lot to this little dress pattern. I think I made this dress 5 times. Each time I learned something new, took a few more risks. Thankfully when it is for a 9 month old, cotton fabric costs a couple of pounds per dress, so when she didn’t wear them it didn’t make me feel bad.

As I continued with making and re making this design, I learned how to do buttons holes, make hems tidy and even add a pocket – babies have lots to carry these days.

I formed a mantra while sewing these too – every dress needs a little mistake in  it, to make me feel better.

She did wear this one, but only for a photo – truth is, those metal poppers irritated her back so I was forced to learn how to do buttons. Thank goodness for you tube.


And so it began…

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